What is Prism?

How it works

1) Pick a topic, join the queue.

2) Relax as we match you up with 5 other people.

3) Debate away. Share ideas. Make a connection.

Why Prism?

The 2016 US elections really opened our minds. Today, with the way the web intertwines with our daily lives, we unconsiously choose to see things that we want to see. We tend to form our own little bubbles of people and ideas that soon cloud and overrun our homepages and social networks So, we decided to build Prism as a platform to connect people of different backgrounds and cultures from all across the globe. We hope Prism can be a platform on which bubbles are joined, or even better, broken.

We ask that people maintain civil discourse on this website. Let's make this a shelter from inflammatory news headlines that detract from real stories and discussions about pressing issues. Let's make Prism a lens through which conversation brings strangers together. Hate speech will not be tolerated. We want people to feel safe to share their opinions and we ask that you help maintain that environment.

The Creators

Dorian Chan: the code junkie

Roy Park: the business dude

Uber thanks to Jiwon Kim for brainstorming!

Special thanks to Andrea Padron and Surya Duggirala for valuable feedback!